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Baby Rose touches parts of your soul other artists can’t reach. Her outstanding 2019 project ‘To Myself’ was marked by her emphatic approach, songwriting riddled with emotion and expressed with resolute tenacity.

Since then, she’s taken a step back. Co-signs from SZA, James Blake, and Kehlani bolstered her rep, while a collaboration with J. Cole earned Baby Rose an actual, bona fide Grammy nomination.

Taking time to finesse her art, she’s just signed to Secretly Canadian, and shared two brand new songs. ‘Go’ is a soulful slow-burner, the vocal laced with pain, but she’s somehow able to transform that into something beatific and pure.

By contrast, ‘Fight Club’ ups the ante, a visceral, punchy slice of songwriting that refuses to go gentle into the night.

She comments…

‘Fight Club’ is like a switch went off. I’m being urged to let go of what was for what could have been. A higher version of consciousness enters the chat, picture the role played by Georgia Anne Muldrow, urging me to abandon the comfort of familiarity and take a risk. To live life with vigour and trust myself. We made this record within the matter of a few hours. It was a flow, guided energetically by the urge to break out of any box I was put in.

‘Go’ is about fighting to hold onto past love by any means necessary. That love is redefined depending on the state of mind I’m in when listening. Sometimes sourced from within (my essence and purpose), but sometimes it’s the past – people and things. The record is nostalgic. It finds me in a space fighting for the familiar and fading. This record was created in Nashville while I was in a state of peak blessings, but at the time felt fearful in the back of my mind because I knew nothing lasts forever. That is a beautiful and equally painful fact of life.

Check out both songs below.

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