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Bloody Civilian has never set out to make music that exists in a straight line. A true multi-hyphenate, she moves between afro-pop and psychedelia, blending R&B with aspects of her West African heritage to produce a true outer national vision.

Strongly rooted in a sense of place – born and raised in Abuja before relocating to Lagos – Bloody Civilian is also wide open to new influences, and this lends her music an extraordinary sense of risk and daring.

New single ‘How To Kill A Man’ is a point of introduction, showcasing her illustrious talent in full 360. There’s an almost punk-like disregard for the norms, with Bloody Civilian helming the production herself.

Taut, lean songwriting, ‘How To Kill A Man’ finds a way to channel blunt, often dark emotions in a way that is creative, expression and light. She comments…

Life isn’t fair for anyone and when I find myself being angry, I try to find ways to not take myself too seriously… basically, I find ways to laugh and feel ridiculous about my anger and that inspired me to write ‘How To Kill A Man’.

Tune in now.

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