Tim Minchin “The Aeroplane” – Americana UK

Tim Minchin “The Aeroplane” – Americana UK
photo by Nadja von Massow

Well that’s it for another week dear reader. We are full of cold here in Americana Towers which feels like a combination of all the colds we didn’t get during Covid – they always catch up with you in the end it seems. We recommend you stay in and tuck yourself up with AUK stalwart Keith Hargreaves’ Rotten Records americana podcast which features an hour of blissful music to delve into, who knew our writers had such good taste? – you can find it here.

In the meantime, we leave you this week with a lovely new song by Australian actor-comedian-musician-raconteur-you name it Tim Minchin. ‘The Aeroplane’ is taken from the second series of Aussie road-trip comedy ‘Upright’  which we’ve never seen but hey, someone recommend it to us please if it’s any good – and Minchin himself describes it as “a weepy one”. You are right at home with us Tim. Have a good one.

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