The xx Share Deluxe Edition Of ‘Coexist’ For Its 10th Anniversary | News

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The xx have shared a deluxe edition of ‘Coexist’ for the album’s 10th anniversary.

The record was released in 2012, and found the band facing a mountain to climb. The London group’s debut won the Mercury Prize, lauded with acclaim on both side’s of the Atlantic. Producing a follow-up wouldn’t be easy, but it’s a task the band took on with gusto.

Clash lauded ‘Coexist’ on its release, while we also explored The xx in-depth as part of an exclusive cover story.

Turning 10 with nary a wrinkle in place, ‘Coexist’ remains a pervasive, atmospheric listen. A deluxe edition has just gone online, presenting the original LP in full, alongside live versions of ‘Angels’, ‘Chained’ and ‘Reunion & Sunset’. A limited edition, crystal clear vinyl edition is incoming.

Tune in below.

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