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The Murder Capital have shared their new single ‘Ethel’.

The band recently played London’s Lafayette, a packed out show that illustrated a group acting in full confidence of their abilities. Previewing new material, The Murder Capital displayed an increasing use of light and shade.

New album ‘Gigi’s Recovery’ is out on January 20th, with The Murder Capital sharing album cut ‘Ethel’ as a further preview.

Out now, it’s a gorgeous moment of bittersweet reflection, the heart-on-sleeve lyricism driven home by a vocal of quiet urgency. It opens: “I always wanted it to be like this for us, strung out on love…”

The Murder Capital comment…

“The song ‘Ethel’ is a picture of a crossroads, really, asking you what you want from life. Whether you want to continue down a path of chaos, or make a change in your course. It’s showing you what is possible when you make the decisions that bring a sort of cradled warmth into your future. The idea of ‘Ethel’ is that you can have what you truly desire if you put to rest those short-lived fixes that never bring you any real happiness.” 

Maxim Kelly directs the video, which taps into French cinematic influences. He explains…

“Initially I thought Ethel should be the main character and do the dance at the end, and I always had this image from this French film called My American Uncle. Where it’s like a little girl standing up at a table. I originally had that image in my head for a rap video, but it didn’t really make sense to the song, I wanted this to feel more like surreal so then as I started finding more imagery, it kind of transpired that maybe the maid was the more interesting character.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: James Kelly

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