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As Andy Warhol once prophesied, in the future everyone can be famous for 15 minutes. Whether that’s social media infamy or becoming Prime Minister – which stint lasts longer these days, truly? – it seems fame is everyone’s goal. Yet Warhol’s Superstars, as he called them, retain an influence that runs deeper than some 15 minute spell. The Gulps new single is an ode to one of them, with ‘Candy’ channelling the daring, colourful legacy of Candy Darling.

A trans pioneer mentioned in Lou Reed’s ‘Walk On The Wild Side’, Candy pops up as the object of ambition for the character in the Gulps’ new single. A bold, colourful return, it’s about reinvention, and how we should all be who we really want to be.

Produced by Danny Saber of Black Grape and mixed by Charlie Russell, it comes equipped with a riotous video, in which The Gulps are joined by all sorts of wonderful characters.

Frontman Javier Sola explains…

“The image of a city looms large in this song, where its setting mirages as a candy shop for the kids who love like kicked dogs. We hear a story of a man driven to carve a life for himself in leather boots and broken jeans, after the promises of a former life had let him down.”

“Neglected for who he was but addicted to who he might be, he bursts into neon nights with a fool’s direction, gorging himself on the urban feasts of sugared satisfaction and with dreams of emerging brilliantly anew as New York’s infamous Candy Darling.”

“It’s a desperately hopeful ode to reinvention and adoration at any cost, besmudged by the glittered fog of a beckoning city that masquerades candy hearts as unconditional love.”

Tune in now.

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