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Robin Murray

13 · 10 · 2022

Teeth Machine have shared new single ‘Gumball’.

The band are set to support Sorry on their upcoming UK shows, and word-of-mouth hype is already out on the newcomers. Debut single ‘Gumball’ is where it all gets real, however, an intriguing opening gambit that thrives on subtlety.

A song that never moves in obvious directions, the deft about-turns that frame ‘Gumball’ are matched to intricate word play, that attempt to pin-down the un-sayable.

Out now on Ra-Ra-Rok, Teeth Machine say of the single…

“‘Gumball’ is about the impossibility of talking. It was written during quite a chaotic period, and the lyrics came about after we had a big argument in the kitchen while trying to record a demo at the time – it tracks the madness and intensity of trying to make sense to someone you care about, or to yourself in your head. There’s a kind of antagonistic self help mantra that resonates throughout; it’s about internal and external conflict. It’s angry, but it’s also full of love too.”

Tune in now.

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