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Stormzy has revealed that his new album ‘This Is What I Mean’ owes a debt to Tyler, the Creator.

The new album is out now, and it stands as the London artist’s broadest work yet. Enormously personal, the songwriting builds on his primary influences – grime and other UK rap strands, gospel, and even R&B too – while absorbing new impulses and sounds.

Currently causing a ruckus on social media, Stormzy has revealed an unexpected influence – American rap iconoclast turned creative auteur Tyler, the Creator.

In a note to fans on the new album’s release, Stormzy cites Tyler as an influence, while experiencing creativity in the moment. A broad, wide-ranging project, ‘This Is What I Mean’ will take some time to absorb.

Admitting that he feels exposed in interviews, Stormzy says he sometimes feels “naked” amid the over-analysis of his words. Breaking down some of his creative impulses, he explains that he is “never ever purposefully trying to defy genres or go against the grain. I’m never trying to do what is expected of me nor is unexpected of me.”

Discussing some of the experimentation that took place during the album sessions, Stormzy says simply: “I just wanted to and it felt good…”

He tells fans: “I pray that it moves you and captures your imagination…”

Check out the note below.

Listen to Stormzy’s new album ‘This Is What I Mean’ below.

Stormzy will bring This Is What I Mean Day to London’s Victoria Park on August 18th. Tickets are on sale now.

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