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Sam Fischer has always used art to reflect life. The Australian songwriter’s diaristic approach is rich in emotional detail, forever surrendering himself to the muse.

A string of independent releases carved out his name, with the Sydney songsmith matching classic tropes to a fresh approach. Snapped up by RCA, he’s taken his music to the next level, connecting with different audiences in the process.

New song ‘Carry It Well’ seems to be breaking out internationally. It’s a beautiful discussion of mental health, asking us to check in with each other. Carried aloft by his empathetic vocal, the song looks behind standard depictions of mental health, and warns that inner struggles are not always visible.

He sings: “Just because I carry it well, doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy and I don’t need some help”.

The Australian songwriter recently returned to the song, recorded a stripped back acoustic version. It’s a gorgeous listen, with the bare bones ably supporting his tremendous vocal.

If anything, it’s even more moving than the original – a simple, stark ode to unity, and our need to support one another.

Tune in now.

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