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Aussie duo Salarymen have shared new EP ‘Head In The Sand’.

The pair broke out with their debut EP ‘Scene Change’, a mixture of indie flavours draped in sunshine. Using this experience to fire their creative faculties, the two-piece immediately went back into the studio to work on a follow up.

Shimmering five-tracker ‘Head In The Sand’ is the result, opening with the surf-pop influenced ‘Summer’s Coming’. An injection of energy into this Autumnal season, it closes with the spiky, urgent ‘Toe To Toe’.

The group’s most potent project yet, ‘Head In The Sand’ is a fizzing, addictive selection of indie pop hymns. Salarymen comment…

“This collection of songs was born from a rollercoaster of emotions – written partly during lockdown, and partly as we emerged with a new zest for life. For example, we wrote Summer’s Coming when Spring was just around the corner and the world was opening up. The lyrics reflect on us yearning for a simpler time, where the biggest thing on our mind is what beach we’re going to, and where to find a cold beer. Conversely, we wrote Rerun smack bang in the middle of lockdown, when we were desperate to just feel something, and have something to look forward to.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Tom Wilkinson

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