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Saint Joshua has shared the video for his song ‘Trip.’ – watch it now.

The South London artist has soulful appeal, with his work absorbing the influence of some modern greats – think D’Angelo, the Soulquarian legacy, and you’d be close. Continually seeking out new avenues of expression, his work expertly mirrors his life, filtering these experiences through a vastly creative lens.

His ‘EP3’ is out now, and it deals with matters of the heart – and looks at his Saint Joshua often feels as though he falls short. He comments…

“Dating. I suck at it and from what I’m hearing, I know I’m not the only one! LOL. Creating this EP allowed me to tap into emotions I display rarely because I’m ice-cold. In my last project, I shared about my reclusivity and journey of self-reflection. I’ve found beauty in sharing these moments and it has been a driving force to make more thought provoking, vulnerable music. EP3 is the cultivation of my growing confidence to do what I want in my art.”

The EP contains some of his best work, moving from the agony of a break-up through to the joy of self-discovery. ‘Trip.’ begins the process of looking towards the light, a pick-me-up that comes just as those dark nights draw in.

His vocal execution is perfect, while the sultry beat comes courtesy of Pearse MacIntyre. We’ve got first play of the video, and you can dip in below.

Tune in now.

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