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Rozi Plain has offered her new song ‘Help’ – tune in now.

The songwriter’s myriad sonic journeys are always worth exploring, and the follow-up to her excellent 2019 album ‘What A Boost’ is incoming.

New album ‘PRIZE’ lands on January 13th via Memphis Industries, and the latest preview is online now. ‘Help’ is marked by real subtlety, with Rozi’s voice augmented by some old pals from Glasgow.

Flecks of harp sit against her delivery, while the neat keys add aspects of Japan (the group!) to the mix. She comments…

I think ‘Help’ is my favourite song on the new album. We turned it into what it became up in the snow in Glasgow with Gerard and Jamie.

A feeling can be a moving target and trying to track it down isn’t always possible. Sometimes it’s slipped away without you even knowing. Beloved things change and its okay but can require a lot of deep digging.

Cole Pulice playing the saxophone (sound a bit like strings)! The harp is Serafina Steer! James Howard playing the guitar (sounds a bit like an accordion). Amaury Ranger on bass. Gerard Black on a hundred different keyboards! Jamie Whitby Coles drums. I’m so honoured to have all these musicians who’s work I love so much playing on this song.

Noriko Okaku crafts the animated video – tune in now.

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