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Robbie & Mona continue their alt-pop experimentalism on new single ‘Clapback’.

The London based duo have deep roots in Bristol, and their work spans the DIY communities in both cities. A pair who have developed a quite singular approach, Robbie & Mona can move from shiny pop to way-out jazz within the same song, their cellular techniques allowing for perpetual evolution.

New album ‘Tusky’ – their second LP to date – is out on March 10th, with the duo set to play London venue MOT on April 13th.

Taken from the LP, new single ‘Clapback’ is out now, and it feels like a patchwork of ideas somehow melded into one statement. Continually surprising, the acute angles and about-turns making for a riveting experience, all held together by Eleanor Gray’s multi-faceted vocal.

In a note, the Robbie & Mona point out that the release is “not exactly a political song, it’s more like a dream where my emotions surrounding this lived topic have surfaced.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Jody Evans

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