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Parisian-Tahitian collective QuinzeQuinze return with strident new single, ‘Reuts‘.

Following the release of their ‘VĀRUA‘ EP which dropped at the top of the year, this 5-minute odyssey mirrors the atonality of standalone single ‘Vega‘, incorporating the moombahton, dubstep and reggaeton subgenres that typify the Ori Deck style; a type of manufactured machismo projected by the young Tahitian underground scene and ancestral ōrero (Polynesian oratory art).

On “Reuts”, the band once again invoke their love of mythology in communicating a universal message of resistance to the prescribed view of what is deemed “acceptable”.

Of the song they say: “Words disguise the thought, dirty its beauty and sometimes the opposite. This piece is the introspection of a character at odds with the world around him, subject to its laws. What he sees in the mirror is not the reflection of what he is. It is the world that is not in agreement with him”.

Catch QuinzeQuinze perform at end of this month for a ‘Jamz Supernova Presents’ headline show at Moth Club.

Photo Credit: Marvin Morisse Mac Lean

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