Phoebe Bridgers Has Covered The Handsome Family’s ‘So Much Wine’ | News

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Phoebe Bridgers has covered the Handsome Family’s ‘So Much Wine’.

The songwriter has a tradition of releasing a festive single each year, and the latest instalment has just gone live.

A softly hewn take on ‘So Much Wine’, she transforms the Handsome Family’s track into something spectral. Phoebe’s voice obviously dominates with its quiet intensity, but she’s joined by some long-time collaborators, including Tony Berg and Ethan Gruska.

It also features Marshall Vore, Harrison Whitford, Sebastian Steinberg, butter-voiced beaux Paul Mescal and some deft whistling (and other instrumentation) from Andrew Bird.

Out now, all proceeds will go to Los Angeles LGBT Center, the world’s largest LGBT nonprofit, offering life-saving healthcare, legal assistance, and housing to tens of thousands of LGBTQ+ people each month.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Paul Mescal

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