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Edinburgh duo No Windows have shared new track ‘No Clue (Green Song)’.

The pair – 17 year old multi-instrumentalist Morgan Morris and 18 year old vocalist Verity Slangen – recently made their debut, sharing biting, 90s indebted indie rock burner ‘Shout (Red Song)’.

Snappy songwriting matched to raw production and a palpable sense of purpose, No Windows aren’t about to let up. Debut EP ‘Fishboy’ is out on November 25th, led by their latest preview ‘No Clue (Green Song)’.

Perhaps more subtle than their opening gambit, ‘No Clue (Green Song)’ has the frayed, tattered aesthetic of those early Pavement albums, while also absorbing the striking physical attack of the Breeders, say. Yet there’s also a clear streak of individuality, the pared back minimalism opening out into something restrained by the song’s close.

Speaking on themes behind the single Verity says:

“When writing ‘No Clue’, I was entering a new stage of my life. I had just finished school and the seasons were changing. I wrote this song wanting it to be light, exploring the prospect of a new relationship and the emotions I was feeling at that time. I wanted it to feel positive – carry the energy of Spring changing into Summer while still staying true to our writing style, I wanted the melody of the chorus to feel uplifting.”

Morgan adds: “‘Green Song’ was given the name green song as it felt like it had a sense of discovery, like walking through a green, floral forest without knowing what’s ahead, which led to the name ‘No Clue’ that exists alongside its colour label.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Rory Barnes

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