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Nina Cobham has shared her new single ‘What Is This?’ – tune in now.

The songwriter’s deft introductory statement ‘Self Care’ marked her out as an artist to watch, with the subtlety of her approach rendered all the more striking by its spartan template.

‘What Is This?’ continues her minimalist journey, her acoustic songwriting anchored by a gentle Bossa nova beat. As a result, there’s a real sense of light and shade at play here, with Nina’s voice flitting between both poles.

Out now, it deals with dating, commitment, and catching feels – all while drifting through life. Nina Cobham co-directs the clip, working alongside Ivo Bright to bring it together.

Nina Cobham comments…

What Is This?’ is about seeing someone while they’re also seeing someone else (without realising and the other person not knowing) while not being the kind of person that has the patience for casual dating, or getting to know someone else for the sake of it to try to suss out whether it’s a match (i.e “trial and error”). It’s about wanting something more meaningful, without being confused about what it is, and knowing you don’t have to force that with someone who’s meant to be there.

Writing it felt like the process of detachment to the situation, honestly like writing something from an outside perspective on a scenario. From the situation turning you into someone else for a minute to wondering why you’re acting like that over a person you don’t even really like as a person and going, “go get on with it because I’m actually not attached to you

Tune in now.

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