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Nick Cave has placed four concert films on streaming.

The Australian songwriter is in the middle of something of a purple streak, working continuously on fresh projects. Amid albums, books, his Cave Things range, and a newfound love of ceramics, he’s also shot and released four performance films.

Working with different teams, all four are worth seeking out – and thankfully, they’ve just landed on streaming.

Now available on TV on Demand services (Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Microsoft, Google Play), the films are ‘This Much I Know To Be True’, ‘Idiot Prayer – Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace’, ‘Distant Sky – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Live in Copenhagen’ and ‘One More Time With Feeling’.

As a special treat, Nick Cave has also shared a previously unseen 45 minute jam from One More Time With Feeling. He’s simply unstoppable right now!

Check out the jam below.

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