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South African aesthete Nakhane has shared details of their new EP ‘Leading Lines’.

The multi-faceted creative recently signalled their return, inaugurating another chapter in their musicality. Looking ahead, new EP ‘Leading Lines’ is out on December 16th, highlighting Nakhane’s creativity and their penchant for collaboration.

Nakhane comments…

“In the art world, leading lines are used in compositions to point to the subject. To the main concern of the piece. This EP is doing exactly that. It’s a baton. The thing that connects what came before and what’s to come next…”

Out on December 16th, the EP is led by new single ‘My Ma Was Good’, which interpolates 90s house tropes – those subtle piano lines, the endless groove – into a soulful pop song. As ever, Nakhane’s voice is exquisite, and the lyrics touch on the singer’s relationship with their mother.

They explain…

“Although she is no demure wallflower, she was still fucked over by a problematic masculinity. Here I was asking myself the question: “If my ma was good and she still got a raw deal, then why should I be good? Why should I behave? This was at a point in my life when I was toying with the villain in me”.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Alex De Mora

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