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Mull Historical Society will look back on his early work as part of a new box set.

The Scottish songwriter – real name Colin MacIntyre – will bring together his opening three albums in a new reissue project. Signing to Demon Records, a full box set is due to be released on February 24th, alongside individual re-issues of his opening three albums.

So, the box set. ‘Archaeology: Complete Recordings 2000-2004’ lands on February 24th, a lavish 80 track affair matching 4CDs against a full book penned by the songwriter himself.

In addition to this, his opening trilogy of records – ‘Loss’, ‘Us’ and ‘This Is Hope’ – are coming back to vinyl for the first time.

Alongside this, Mull Historical Society will play a special show at Glasgow venue Saint Lukes on February 3rd as part of Celtic Connections, performing material from those early albums.

Colin MacIntyre comments…

“I truly appreciate how these albums seem to have found their way into people’s hearts & minds over the past 20-plus years, which makes me feel like quite the spring chick… Over the past few years I’ve had possibly my biggest creative surges in both music and writing, juggling the puzzle of where to land loads of new ideas. It reminds me of the time leading up to making ‘Loss’ when it all started to make sense. So I’m excited to have the first three albums’ reissued on vinyl (‘This Is Hope’ for the first time), plus an 80-track Complete Recordings Box-set retrospective out in Feb, for which I hope the “real” MHS won’t mind me borrowing their “Archaeological” arm in the title…” 

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