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Mnelia has shared new single ‘Closure’.

The North West London riser has spent the bulk of the year in the studio, fine-tuning her approach in the process. She’s made a few high profile escapes – notably a guest appearance alongside Miraa May at her Glastonbury set – but this has been a period of creative for the vocalist.

New single ‘Closure’ is a vivid return, an R&B hymn that contains a heartbreaking intimacy. Speaking from the heart, Mnelia sings: “You would love me right if you wanted to/Now we’re both stuck up in a cycle, ready for the final…”

Nosa Apollo is on production, with Mnelia picking apart the demise of a relationship, and how – ultimately – we all have to locate the strength to move on. She comments…

“‘Closure’ is about the fact that no such thing exists. All we have is the choice to move on and do right by ourselves. I wanted to convey this message and let people know that although it may be difficult to accept, the growth is worth the pain…”

Tune in now.

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