MJ Nebreda’s Incoming EP Is A Celebration Of Venezuelan Culture | News

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MJ Nebrada has shared new EP ‘Amor En Los Tiempos De Odio’.

The Miami-based artist has deep ties to Venezuela and Peru, and she interweaves this profound knowledge of her heritage with R&B, electronic production, and fiery club tropes.

New EP ‘Amor En Los Tiempos De Odio’ is out on November 9th, and it brings her mosaic-like approach to songwriting into sharp focus. Constructed in collaboration with producer and sound artist Nick León, it also features Arca collaborator DJ Baba on production credits.

MJ Nebreda describes the project as an ode to “Venezuelan music culture. I was very inspired by raptor house and the tambores of Venezuelan electronic music. They are all love songs submerged in society…”

Out on November 9th, the EP is led by ‘Frida Kahlo’ an exuberant new burner marked by a terrific sense of individuality. Dark-edged pop that feels beamed in from another dimension, this is a terrific introduction to a bold talent.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Duque

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