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Irish group M(h)aol have shared powerful new single ‘Asking For It’.

The band’s early releases displayed enormous potential, underlined by their precocious, dynamic live shows. Debut album ‘Attachment Styles’ continues their rise, and it’s set to be released on February 3rd via TULLE Collective.

New single ‘Asking For It’ leads the way, and it’s an enormously impactful piece of music. Written by the band’s Róisín Nic Ghearailt, the lyrics deal with rape culture, and attempt to express a mixture of traumatic feelings.

She comments…

“I wrote it initially in 2016 then revisited it in 2020. I was shocked by how much internalised victim blaming there was in the lyrics. I rewrote it, then we recorded it and it was released to raise money for Women’s Aid in 2021. The album version is a lot angrier than the 2021 one and almost satirical insofar as it’s highlighting how ludicrous the notion of anyone ‘asking for it’ is.”

The visuals were build by bassist Zoë Greenway with added input from Róisín, and it’s a potent short film, channelling all the drama and emotion of the song itself.

Zoë Greenway comments…

“This has been the most difficult video I’ve made for M(h)aol to date. There’s so much power and emotion in Róisín’s lyrics and performance, so we worked really hard to create a responsible and sensitive portrayal of this experience she’s conveying, do it justice and make people care.”

She adds: “I hope watching the video inspires compassion and empathy in people. I think it’s important to open channels of communication around sexual assault in a way that validates a victims traumatic experience and shows a path towards a more hopeful and supportive healing journey. I think empathy is paramount in trying to build a better world.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Naomi Williams

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