Melbourne rockers WARBIRDS soaring to the UK in 2023

Melbourne rockers WARBIRDS soaring to the UK in 2023

As with so many other artists WARBIRDS were grounded through the covid lock downs with a prepared album forced into the hanger for a few years. The two main men Anth and Lee kept active, training themselves up and re-releasing their EP “Control” in 2021 and now with a UK tour secured and the line-up filled out they’re all the way back in the game!

Back in 2019 they started their initial gear up and put together an excellent video clip for “Freak in the Night” and now the track is available everywhere. It’s a song that hits the moments we find ourselves in perfectly…

You’ve lost direction of your course
Alone left to wonder what you’re lookin’ for
Blinded by the sunshine rays you’ll see through the haze
Only the blinded can guide you
All that you know you let go
Keep what you cant see when your eyes are closed
Free yourself from everything you know
Today and from everyone

A taste of their album with “Freak in the Night” out now on streaming services to get your appetite ready for their blend of hard and alternative rock set to jet off to Hard Rock Hell in East Anglia at the 5 star camp HRH.

Keep posted with WARBIRDS as there will be a few chances coming up to check them out through 2023 before they get set for departure!



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