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Danish experimentalists Lowly have shared new single ‘You Are Good And I Love You’.

Ever need a pick-me-up? A burst of positive energy? Well, Lowly are on hand to tell you that ‘You Are Good And I Love You’.

The song appears on new album ‘Keep Up The Good Work’ – due out on February 17th – and boasts some stellar production work from Anders Boll. All gleaming light and deft left-field ideas, the song purrs with a blinding energy of its own.

Lyrically, Lowly are discussing life’s trivialities, and how they can sometimes obscure the beauty of the everyday. A hugely uplifting experience, ‘You Are Good And I Love You’ is a simple yet dynamic offering from the Danish outfit.

Lowly comment…

“A cascade of words and allusions, like a conversation at the breakfast table where love is competing with the triviality of everyday life. During the recording process of the album we started collecting these funny little quotes from everyday life.”

“Random outbursts or stories arising from our own lives especially, but also from people who visited us in the studio while we were working on the album. They all have this simple everyday thematic about them; sleeping in front of the TV, shouting at each other from one end of the apartment to the other, dancing ugly in the kitchen. This song creates a hugely loving and inclusive story about loving a person despite their less adventurous sides.”

Tune in now.

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