Louis Culture Shares Punchy One-Two ‘Twiss’ / ‘Can’t Deny It’ | News

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London creative Louis Culture has shared new one-two ‘Twiss’ and ‘Can’t Deny It’.

An artist capable of switching it up between hard-hitting rap bars and soulful R&B, Louis is a true all-rounder. This new double-drop on Different Recordings exemplifies this, presenting two different aspects of his art.

First up, ‘Twiss’. A punchy roller dominated by that 808 kick, the Pulled production underpins some fiery rhymes from Louis Culture. He likens the song to “being in the party with your people and not giving a fuck because your having a good time.”

By way of contrast, ‘Can’t Deny It’ is playful, melodic… and almost pop. kadiata features on the song, while fast-rising vocalist BINA. also graces the session. Recalling its origins, Louis says:

“This record excites me. Having a song with Kadiata after all these years means a lot because he’s a person I’ve seen from the early days in my career grinding and year after year blessing us with some of the UK’s best music. Then BINA., is so talented and special I can’t wait for people to see what she has coming”. 

Tap in below then check out the visual for ‘Twiss’ after the jump.

Photo Credit: Evie Shandilya

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