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Liv.e will release new album ‘Girl In The Half Pearl’ on February 10th.

The songwriter’s excellent debut album ‘Couldn’t Wait To Tell You…’ was an ambitious song cycle, melding together fragments of R&B with jazz elements. Breaking down established tropes to locate an individual voice, the LA-based, Dallas-raised artist struck a chord with those who stumbled across her work.

Hitting London tonight – November 18th – she plays the Lower Third on Tottenham Court Road, with Liv.e also sharing plans for her next step.

New album ‘Girl In The Half Pearl’ is out on February 10th, an expansive 17 track work. Ahead of this, Liv.e has shared beautiful new single ‘Wild Animals’, a song that feels as though the vocal is yearning to break through to fresh climes.

Exploratory in the best sense, ‘Wild Animals’ was sculpted alongside John Carroll Kirby and Solomonphonic, with Liv.e shining at the centre. She comments…

“I really love the process of coming up with a vision and doing my best to ensure that it will come out just as it was in my imagination. I tend to use almost all my practices as another way to strengthen my trust and belief in myself”.

She also contributed to the video, adding: “The concept is just based on the release of letting go old ‘people pleasing’ habits that I tended to act on in the past a lot. A depiction of gaining the strength and courage to choose myself every time.”

Tune in now.

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