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Costa Rica garage pop outfit Las Robertas have detailed their debut album ‘Love Is The Answer’.

The band formed in San José, Costa Rica, and blend Nuggets of the 60s underground – think The Seeds, Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds – with 21st century groups, such as peers Allah-Las or Fuzz Club signings Night Beats.

Revered producer Owen Morris came across the band by chance, catching them at a small art gallery party in their home city. Agreeing to produce their next record, Las Robertas will release ‘Love Is The Answer’ on February 3rd via Kanine Records.

Ahead of this, the band have shared fantastic 60s leaning ear-worm ‘Awakening’ which distills their psych influences down to a fine pop brew. There’s a flavour of the 90s in there, too, with the lyrics yearning for a period of optimism.

Lead singer Mercedes comments: “The track is about going through hard times, but realising there will be an end for it, maybe not as fast as you want, but there is light, hope and better things to come…”

The full video for ‘Awakening’ finds Mercedes in a quest to commune with nature; shot at the top of the mountains of Cartago in Costa Rica, it was produced by A SUN / Adriana Ramírez.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Tatiana Pozuelo

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