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Kelela will release new album ‘RAVEN’ on February 10th.

The alt-R&B aesthete’s debut album ‘Take Me Apart’ has proved to be hugely influential, paving the way for countless new artists. Nobody does it better than Kelela, however, and her return is something to be cherished.

Launching recent single ‘Washed Away’, the Stateside artist then pushed ahead in her unique style with ‘On The Run’. Melding together club tropes with her emphatic vocals, Kelela’s forever questing style adds luminescence to the darkest emotions.

Kelela executive produces incoming album ‘RAVEN’, with assistance from Asmara; Yo Van Lenz and Florian T M Zeisig (also known as the ambient duo OCA) and LSDXOXO serve as two main producers throughout the album, alongside additional production from Bambii.

New single ‘On The Run’ pursues club goals, with Kelela joined by Yo van Lenz, Bambii, and the mighty Montreal multi-hyphenate Kaytranada on production.

Leaning on Caribbean influences, ‘On The Run’ defies categorisation to further expand the definitions of R&B in a defiantly modern context.

Tune in now.

1. Washed Away
2. Happy Ending
3. Let It Go
4. On the Run
5. Missed Call
6. Closure
7. Contact
8. Fooley
9. Holier
10. Raven
11. Bruises
12. Sorbet
13. Divorce
14. Enough for Love
15. Far Away

‘RAVEN’ is out on February 10th, pre-order it online.

Photo Credit: Justin French

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