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Norwegian songwriter Jenny Hval has shared surprise single ‘Buffy’.

The artist’s ever-challenging nature has resulted in a singular discography, often replete with literary leanings. Jenny Hval swaps this for the influence of pop culture on her new song, with ‘Buffy’ taking inspiration from the titular Vampire Slayer.

Diving into late 90s and early 00s reference points, the song becomes an urge to overthrow the established order. Typically dark, there’s also an element of black humour in there, with Jenny Hval learning to lift her head towards the light.

Jenny Hval comments…

“Somehow I improvised some lyrics that referred to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, probably just because I have watched it many times. I do like the idea that a TV series with many episodes, like Buffy, can be used as a creative and political rehearsal. An episodic form rehearsing overthrowing a dictatorship, a plutocracy, or theocracy?” 

“Buffy is not a song about a slayer, a superhero, or feminist icon. If anything, it’s a song about hope, but in an understated and episodic way. Because to me, hope is more hopeful when it is presented in a subtle way.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Jenny Berger Myhre

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