Jaws Of Love Opens Up To The World With ‘The Heist’ | News

Jaws Of Love Opens Up To The World With 'The Heist' | News

Jaws Of Love is opening up to introspection on focus single ‘The Heist.’

Marked as the closing track on sophomore album ‘Second Life,’ ‘The Heist’ captures the artist at his most poignant and pensive. Layering candid vocals over a stripped-back piano, Jaws Of Love hands the spotlight to transparency, bringing hushed personal battles to the fore. The track is an illustrative journey through pregnancy from a male-perspective, conscious and honest across its song-writing.

Hailed as co-founder and co-lead vocalist of indie-rock band Local Natives, Kelcey Ayer is re-defining his artistry via his latest solo project. Steering into the more experimental and challenging boundaries of soundscapes, Jaws Of Love offers Ayer a canvas to challenge his creative inclinations, broadening his reach across new sounds. 

The Colombian-American artist’s latest offering follows debut album ‘Tasha Sits Close To The Piano,’ a bold turning point for Ayer. Featured in Will Arnett’s Netflix-series Flaked and Legacies, the material has proven its distinct adaptability, quick to gain commercial recognition for his individuality.

‘The Heist’ is a deeply personal moment across the artist’s discography, now welcoming its listener into Ayer’s world as opposed to venturing outwards.

Jaws Of Love comments:

“The Heist was written at an exact moment in time. I was sitting on the couch watching my wife eating saltine crackers to stave off morning sickness when I realized we were just about to hit a milestone in our journey towards parenthood: the next day we would be one day further in our current pregnancy than our previous one.”

He continues, “our first ended in a miscarriage after seen weeks and one day, and this one was about to hit seven weeks and two days. In that moment, I imagined taking this next step would lead to another, and then another, and another, and I painted the life we might have if this child was born and actually was able to grow up. Sadly this pregnancy also ended. It was deemed an anomaly having ended at 17 weeks, something that happens to roughly 1-3% of all pregnancies.”

“We’re still recovering from this loss, but at least we had this one moment documented where, albeit faintly, hope seemed brighter than despair.”

Tune in now.

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