Jasmine Tea’s ‘Just A Little’ Is A Reflective Moment | News

Jasmine Tea's 'Just A Little' Is A Reflective Moment | News

Florida-based quartet Jasmine Tea are reaching into the deeply personal on latest release ‘Just A Little’.

The track deals with the more challenging themes of loss and grief, uplifting their listener into a sense of overcoming. Leaning into their country and indie-rock influences, Jasmine Tea define themselves through full acoustics, crisp, raspy vocals and a universal song-writing. It’s within the verse’s intricacies that ‘Just A Little’ connects to its listener, illustrated in its opening lines: 

“I saw your face outside the door before you pushed it in / You slapped a twenty on the bar and kissed me on the chin / I talked too fast like running past a house that’s full of ghosts…”

First coming together in New Jersey, the band have made their way down the East coast, collecting new supporters across their travels. Made up of Bob Stritch, Michael Strong, Rich DeClemente, and Bob Short, the band fuse their individual foundations, from the blues to retro nostalgia.

Exuding warmth and comfort from start to finish, ‘Just A Little’ captures a band in the formative stages of their sound. Jasmine Tea are striving for the refreshed and welcoming.

Tune in now.

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