Jadu Heart Share New Songs ‘Freedom’ And ‘Heart’ | News

Jadu Heart Share New Songs 'Freedom' And 'Heart' | News

Jadu Heart have shared two new songs ‘Freedom’ and ‘Heart’.

The noise pop duo will release their third album ‘Realised’ on January 20th, following by trans-Atlantic tour dates. The London pairing – Diva-Sachy Jeffrey and Alex Headford – have a knack for perfect pop songs, with their opening two albums clocking up millions of streams internationally.

On this form, there’s no reason to doubt that ‘Derealised’ won’t follow suit. Online now, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Heart’ meld together shoegaze tropes alongside brilliant melodies, with Jadu Heart bringing those aspects together to craft something incisive and catchy.

A double drop, it comes as Jadu Heart prepare for two special in-stores, hitting London’s Rough Trade East on January 21st, and Rough Trade Bristol on January 22nd.

Jadu Heart comment…

‘Freedom’ is a song about wanting to escape, it seems almost impossible to get away from the constant claustrophobic tightening of technology, information overload, bills and commitments; unfortunately that just seems an integral part of life in the 2020’s. This song is a dream for space to breathe

Tune in now.

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