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Horsegirl have covered Minutemen’s ‘History Lesson Part 2’.

It’s been a huge year for the Chicago three-piece, whose excellent debut album ‘Versions Of Modern Performance’ was released to widespread plaudits.

Closing their breakout 12 months in fine style, Horsegirl have just shared a special cover. ‘History Lesson Part 2’ was recorded by the Minutemen, and featured on their seminal album ‘Double Nickels On The Dime’.

Replete with in-jokes and personal references, the song has close emotional resonance for fans – particularly given the death of singer D. Boon a short while after its release.

Horsegirl’s reverent take on ‘History Lesson Part 2’ works due to its heart-on-sleeve approach, transforming it into their own tale of having their lives changed by punk rock.

“‘History Lesson Part 2’ has always been a punk manifesto for us,” says Horsegirl. “It was an unusual pick to cover considering the lyrics are so specific to Minutemen, but we thought there was something appealing too about recording a ‘History Lesson’ that doesn’t actually give you any history on us.”

Available digitally for the first time, you can tune in below.

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Photo Credit: Carlos Lowenstein 

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