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H Hawkline will release new album ‘Milk For Flowers’ on March 10th.

The songwriter recorded the album at Rockfield Studios, a historic audio redoubt. Gathering a host of collaborators, the sessions featured the extensive input of Cate le Bon, with the Mercury nominee helping throughout.

Watching the album come into being, she comments…

I watched my dear friend, H.Hawkline, fold into himself and extract from a terrible time an album so exquisitely raw, yet deftly graceful. I had the extreme honour of being trusted as producer and gently helped him tease this beautiful work into existence. He writes music and lyrics that are porous to all the hues of a day. He sits melancholy at the table with absurdity and no-one bats an eye. Not without effort but always with a natural hand moving pieces around from the inside out.It’s a beautiful thing to be continuously moved and surprised by an old friend.

New song ‘Milk For Flowers’ is online now, a bewitching introduction that deals with grief. Poetic and emotive, H Hawkline introduces the song by commenting…

Grief is a song that can’t be unheard: from the moment you learn it, you never stop singing. Its music paints the scenery – pulling the strings of every day. Forgotten corners and untended gardens can become rich with sickly vegetation, ice rinks and playgrounds decaying with every chord. These videos (this is the first of 3) are a way of trying to express that sensation in the most direct way possible.
Every day, an audition. At least I choose the soundtrack.

The video was shot by Ben Hardy, choreographed by Daisy Smith, styled by Gus Sharpe, and edited by Casey Raymond. Watch it now.

1.   Milk For Flowers
2.   Plastic Man
3.   Suppression Street
4.   I Need Him
5.   Denver
6.   Athens At Night
7.   Like You Do
8.   It’s A Living
9.   Mostly
10. Empty Room

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