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Dan Croll returns with woozy new single ‘How Close We Came’.

The restless singer relocated from Liverpool to the United States two years ago, a period that unleashed a stream of creative projects. His 2020 album ‘Grand Plan’ was an excellent full length endeavour, followed by his graceful EP ‘On Top’ in 2021.

New single ‘How Close We Came’ continues his run, built at Montrose Recording in Richmond, Virginia with Spacebomb’s Matthew E. White. A woozy yet introspective piece of songwriting, there’s a gentle psych-pop touch to Dan Croll’s work.

Joined by the studio’s four-piece house band, ‘How Close We Came’ is a highly personal song, a reflection on the dissolution of a key relationship in his life.

As he puts it…

“I’ve not had many serious breakups in my life, and most of my experiences have come through seeing friends around me going through quite explosive and toxic separations.”

“In this case, after the initial heartbreak, it was something I felt quite proud of. We’d been through so much together and really grew into much better people, and so ‘How Close We Came’ was about that period of looking back with pride on such a profound experience.”

Tune in now.

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