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Connie Campsie returns with new single ‘It’s My Birthday’.

The songwriter sweeps back into view with fresh plans and a finessed sound, pinning down her core values in the process. New EP ‘I’m Still Talking To Myself’ is out on February 4th, and it follows neatly on from her single ‘Sucker’ which landed earlier this year.

New track ‘It’s My Birthday’ inaugurates this fresh chapter, a neat slice of indie-pop that recalls everyone from Phoebe Bridgers – in its stark, self-deprecating honesty – to the shimmering arena melodies of the 1975.

A song about introspection, introversion, and being forced to enjoy yourself for one day only, ‘It’s My Birthday’ is a mesh of conflicting emotions. Matching light with shade, it’s a peppy piece of potent contradiction.

She comments…

“I find it really hard to write a straight up happy song. If I write about a night out or a saccharine love song it just leaves me feeling cold. But I also want my songs to be truthful, so I wrote It’s My Birthday about what I actually did on that birthday: I wandered around London and did a bunch of inane stuff that I love. I usually cry and feel a lot of pressure to be present and my best self on my birthday, so I just took myself on a date. After that, I felt like I’d been doing birthdays wrong my whole life.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Phoebe Fox

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