City Fidelia Drops New Album ‘Painkiller’ | News

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City Fidelia is a force to be reckoned with. A true all-rounder, the Ottawa talent has built his fanbase the hard way, the only way that matters.

Honing in on his skills, City Fidelia has worked out how to speak to his audience in language they understand, communicating experiences that might otherwise be ignored. A Canadian rapper with international reach, each new project seems to take him further towards his goals.

New album ‘Painkiller’ arose from a period of self-examination, with City Fidelia using music as a form of therapy. Asking profound questions about his life, the rapper deals with his childhood, break ups, and a sense of isolation.

He emerges emboldened, however, with rap becoming the chosen vessel for a powerful evolution of the self.

Discussing the record City Fidelia explains:

“My upcoming album is meant to be a self-imposed therapy. I explore my inner child and express the different ways my friends and I numbed the pain with topics related to growing up in a broken home, depression, love lost, but also a spiritual experience. This project is to let anybody dealing with pain know that they are not alone.”

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