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London rapper Che Lingo has shared his new single ‘VIBE CHECK (palo santo)’.

A multi-faceted artist whose emotional impact is intricately linked to his lyrical word play, Che Lingo caught attention with his fantastic debut album ‘The Worst Generation’ back in 2020. An intelligent, endlessly creative project, events overtook him, with Che’s single ‘My Block’ taking on a much broader meaning during the protests that followed the death of George Floyd.

A song that discussed police brutality right here on our streets, ‘My Block’ became an anthem at those Black Lives Matter protests, with Che Lingo’s powerful music reaching new ears.

Pushing himself further and further, new single ‘VIBE CHECK (palo santo)’ marks his return, a song about community and survival. Out now on Idris Elba’s 7WALLACE imprint, Che Lingo comments…

“I was chilling with a lot of homies that were burning this wood (Palo Santo) at one point. The smell reminded me of when I was young, and things were clearer in the world. In life, if you learn anything as you grow, it’s that your environment and people can change in a heartbeat, so staying vigilant amidst the chaos outside is the best chance at both survival and evolution.”

Tune in now.

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