Cavetown Launches Charity Project, Aims To Donate $1 Million To LGBTQ+ Causes | News

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UK artist Cavetown has unveiled plans for his ambitious new This Is Home charity.

The move comes from a longstanding commitment to LGBTQ+ youth causes and initiatives, and brings together his previous work in this area. This Is Home Charity goes much further, however, with Cavetown placing rocket-boosters under his charitable intentions.

Now officially launched, This Is Home Charity aims to distribute $1,000,000 in its first three years, supplying financial help and resources to a number of organisations and individuals.

Cavetown comments…

I’m so excited to finally share this with u!!! For the past year, I’ve been working on something special called the This Is Home Project. I wanted to create a way to better support young LGBTQ+ people who are in need of financial help and resources, both on an individual and community-wide scale. I’m also aiming to bring more funding to foundations whose sole focus is providing access to LGBTQ+ youth for physical and mental healthcare, safe housing, and a whole bunch more. u can learn lots more at!!!”

It’s an exciting time for the Cambridge based artist, whose new album ‘worm food’ is out on November 4th. Ahead of this, new single ‘frog’ is online now, a bedroom pop workout that is tinged with a coy sense of love and commitment.

Cavetown explains…

‘frog’ is about my girlfriend! We were both too shy to ask each other to be boyfriend and girlfriend, so one day I showed her a frog meme that said, ‘GF stands for girl-frog and BF stands for boy-frog’ and I said, ‘that’s us!’ She makes me feel better when I’m too inside my head and helps me remember to be present with the ones I care about.

The frog synth is a combo of Logic synths that I mixed together and was really fun to create. Similar to ‘1994’, I thought about how the synth sounds would translate live and how people could hop around during the frog solo. I used to play a melodica at shows, which would have had a similar effect as the frog synth, but then we’d have to retune the entire set, so the melodica was retired for now.”

Tune in now.

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