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Caitlin Rose links with Courtney Marie Andrews on fine new song ‘Getting It Right’.

New album ‘CAZIMI’ restores Caitlin Rose to our lives, following sessions that spanned life shifts, a pandemic, and more surprises than she cares to remember. Out on November 18th, it features a handful of guests, including lauded songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews.

The two combine on ‘Getting It Right’, a charming slice of Americana with some homespun wisdom. An affecting, entrancing return, the song was born from a simple DM, a message between one artist and another.

Caitlin Rose comments…

Several years ago, I fell in love with Courtney’s first album. I had been doing co-writes for a while, but realised I needed to start focusing in on the writers and artists I really wanted to collaborate with.

I wasn’t really being set up on things that were fulfilling that desire so I snuck into her DM’s and proposed a write whenever she was in town. Luckily she was already in town and we spent an extremely hot afternoon on the patio talking astrology and music and walking away with what I always thought of as a bit of a banger.

It feels like an obvious anthem for the album with all the time that’s gone by and the hole I was in for a few years. All the disappointment of feeling like I couldn’t do a damn thing right. I’m not even sure how much of that discussion was had, but it was really refreshing to talk and create something with someone on the brink of their own amazing journey.

A little of my own cynicism dissolved that day, and even though it would take a few more years before I could actually embark on my own re-entry into the field, it’s definitely a song that helped push me in the right direction.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Laura E. Partain

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