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Brian Jonestown Massacre will release new album ‘Your Future Is Your Past’ on February 2nd.

The group are led by Anton Newcombe, whose decade-spanning sonic journeys have produced some startling results. Continually moving forwards, new album ‘Your Future Is Your Past’ is their 20th to date, and follows this year’s excellent ‘Fire Doesn’t Grow On Trees’.

Melding together space rock, shoegaze, and other psychedelic vibrations, ‘Your Future Is Your Past’ is led by recent single ‘Fudge’. In true outlaw style, Brian Jonestown Massacre have left the (near) title track off the finished LP – a little like the Jesus & Mary Chain’s ‘Psychocandy’ for example – but it serves as a succinct demonstration of where the band are heading.

Online now, ‘Your Future Is Your Past’ points to a record about fatherhood, and survival. Anton Newcombe comments…

“My son Wolfgang is very different to me, thank god, but we have so many things in common; dancing, making up songs, and vocalising strange combinations of words and ideas that make us laugh, or make sense to us in some meaningful way. At a certain point, I started writing down these words and random ideas to use as titles. Quite a few of the songs from this album, and from ‘Fire Doesn’t Grow On Trees’ are in fact his ideas., including ‘Your Mind Is My Cafe’, and ‘The Future Is Your Past’. Both of these albums, and many more songs were written in Berlin at my studio during the pandemic. A song a day, written, recorded and shared on YouTube as a work in progress.

I felt like everything was so sad and hopeless, but I am not helpless. I decided to sing anthems to empower me, to remember to remember, to fight the beast until it dies, to give it everything you got because that’s all there is to give… these were not songs for covid times, for these times of war and crisis after crisis, these are songs for all time.

Tune in now.

‘Your Future Is Your Past’ will be released on February 2nd.

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