Banners Shares Graceful New Song ‘Easy’ | News

Banners Shares Graceful New Song 'Easy' | News

Liverpool songwriter Banners has shared his graceful new single ‘Easy’.

The artist – real name Michael Nelson – spent lockdown on his own, the isolation providing ample space for creativity. Writing song after songs, Banners emerged with a slew of new material, with fresh ideas and vivid insight into his next step.

Incoming EP ‘I Wish I Was Flawless, I’m Not’ is a deft return, constructed as a means of overcoming trauma but also acting as a mini-celebration.

He comments…

“I experienced the pandemic mainly on my own and I spent quite a lot of that tearing myself apart in front of the mirror. I think, during that time, everybody’s trauma surfaced in unexpected ways and this was the way my brain decided to do it. This EP is a mini-celebration of me coming out the other side and being at peace with my imperfections. And being much happier because of that.”

Deft new song ‘Easy’ has an under-stated appeal, reminiscent of those early 70s Elton John records while adding a fresh twist to classic tropes. A hazy, gauzy construction, ‘Easy’ offers something sweet, and refreshing. Banners explains…

“This is a song for the people that make your day just by being around. The ones that make life worth living and make you happier to be you. A song for the people that make everything better. It’s also got a swear word in it which proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that I’m cool.”

Tune in now.

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