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East London voice Ashley Singh has shared his new EP ‘Between Love And Lonely’.

The new EP is out now, and marks the full emergence of this bold talent. A songwriter whose subtlety is his strength, Ashley Singh has made his name with a flurry of viral singles.

Debut EP ‘Between Love And Lonely’ presents his vision in widescreen, with the songwriter honing in on the vagaries of a relationship. Material that is designed to communicate on an intimate level, it feels like a gift from Ashley to his listeners.

Ashley comments… 

“This EP is about moments from my life where I felt as if I was trapped ‘Between Love and Lonely’. The songs span across one relationship, from feeling not good enough to be beside them, to hating that I’ve lost them, to not being able to get over them. I hope that wherever you are when listening, that if you feel the same, you can find some peace in knowing you are not the only one who has felt this way.”

Alongside this, Ashley Singh has chosen to highlight his break-up hymn ‘Autopilot’ with a powerful new video. He says…

“After breaking up, I would do literally anything to not start thinking about her, no matter how destructive. I spent a lot of time outside the house, at parties, pubs and bars trying desperately to not be reminded. It was as if I had to move through life on autopilot, awake but vacant, because as soon as I had the opportunity to think about anything, I would think about her and it would hurt. There were brief moments where I couldn’t help but be thrown out of this state, like for example when I came across her old hairbrush. But these were fleeting. My body became so accustomed to destroying itself, as that was so much easier than missing her.”

Check out the EP and his new video below.

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