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Aoife Nessa Frances has shared her beautiful new song ‘Chariot’.

The Irish artist’s new album ‘Protector’ is out in just a few days, a project sparked by a physical relocation, and an emotional shift in her life. Leaving Dublin behind for the country, she granted herself space, uprooting her life in some aspects, only to find deeper foundations in others.

Her song ‘Chariot’ was built during this period, and the sense of calming patience it exudes speaks of the sense of purpose she found. Lyrically, it cuts deep, with Aoife Nessa Frances exploring self-preservation, and a growing sense of inner strength.

Beautifully depicted, her folk-hewn approach recalls Aldous Harding in its emotional weight. She comments…

“I wrote ‘Chariot’ soon after packing up my things in the city and moving to the west. It’s very much about this time, the process of moving away and making a new life. I wanted to communicate the beauty of transience and how my acceptance of all kinds of endings brought me closer to the people who I love. It’s about surrendering to the cycles of death and new life and owning the sense of freedom that follows.”

“More than anything it’s about universal love and the fragility of human life. ‘Chariot’ is the song that feels most central to the message of Protector – which is about self-preservation, finding strength within and growing closer to the part of myself that guides me towards a better path. It’s about being uprooted from what is familiar and experiencing a deepening connection with my family and friends.”

Catch Aoife Nessa Frances on a UK headline tour in November.

Tune in now.

Aoife Nessa Frances will release new album ‘Protector’ on October 27th.

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