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Amber Arcades will release new album ‘Barefoot On Diamond Road’ on February 10th.

The record follows a period of change in the songwriter’s life – losing faith in music, she took a step back before moving cities, relocating from Amsterdam to Utrecht.

Reigniting the creative spark, these processes – and more – are distilled into her upcoming album. Out on February 10th via her new home Fire Recordings, ‘Barefoot On Diamond Road’ is dubbed “a reckoning” by its maker.

She says: “It’s an album more about what was happening in my life, digging into emotions and observations.”

Out on February 10th, the record is led by new song ‘Just Like Me’ which pushes Amber Arcades in a more synth-inclined direction. Informed by lockdown, and the sudden shifts in our lives, it deals with loneliness and isolation.

She comments…

“I wrote this song when I had just moved to Amsterdam. It was a sequence of extremes; we lived dead centre, at first we couldn’t go out of the house without being in a huge crowd of people, then overnight it felt like an apocalyptic ghost town. The song is about the tension between togetherness and being alone that comes with living in an urban environment. The need for both but then often not being quite satisfied with either.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Paul Kooiker

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