ALBUM REVIEW: Joanne Shaw Taylor – Nobody’s Fool

ALBUM REVIEW: Joanne Shaw Taylor - Nobody's Fool

Joanne Shaw Taylor’s new album ‘Nobody’s Fool’ is realized on the 28th October and what a cracker it is too. It was recorded at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles and is produced by Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith. Her previous album was her Blues Covers album but whilst I did enjoy it, it wasn’t what I want from Joanne. But this is, she has taken everything that we love about her and then added more, more of everything. It’s a big album, with a big production but losing nothing of the things that set her apart from the rest. That gravelly voice and smoking guitar riffs that ooze emotion, with songs that get you hooked straight away. Joanne has it nailed on Nobody’s Fool.

The album opens with the title track ‘Nobody’s Fool’ and what a start, JST voice cuts through and grabs you by the throat, her gravelly tones and some serious guitar licks hit you full on. ‘Bad Blood’ follows with its Wild West vibe, what a catchy number it is, as she sings too “late baby” you know she is back. ‘Won’t Be Fooled Again’ could have been on the ‘Wild’ album, my favourite Joanne album so I love this song – smouldering guitar that just gets you, I could just keep pressing repeat over and over again on this one. ‘Just No Getting Over You’ – What an intro to this one with a big chunky riff that hits you before the brass comes in, another belter. I can hear the hurt and anger and she is takes it out on the guitar, this song is big, love it.

‘Fade Away’ is just JST and a Piano and feels like a late night in a smoky bar. This one is about Joanne about losing her Mum in 2013 and is so emotional as she sings with so much passion. Utter brilliance gives me goose bumps every time I listen to it. No guitar on this one which leaves Joanne vulnerable simply breath taking and beautiful. Wonderful cello from Tina Guo. ‘Then There’s You’ – JST picks up and let’s rip, distorted growling guitar I can feel the anger on the Detroit city streets on this one. ‘Runaway’ – that guitar tone says it all, love it. ‘Missionary Man’ has a heavy vibe and I love the backing vocal, dirty gutter blues from Joanne shows she is not always sweet. It is a wonderful cover of the this Eurythmics song. ‘Figure It Out’ is an up tempo song with hints of Pretenders and Blondie in this one. ‘The Leaving Kind’ is almost a Scorpions ballad, and at the last minute Joanne let’s rip as only she can. I wish it didn’t fade so soon I feel robbed, but what a song. ‘New Love’ is a screamer, with thunderously big with horns-a-plenty and hand claps and that HST overdriven guitar, fades out way too soon again for me, Joanne’s playing is so intense I want it to keep going longer.

This is a monster of an album that gets better and better with every listen. This is one of her very best if not the best she has made and will take her to the next level. It is that good indeed, give it a listen you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Review by David Pickles



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